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King Sized Memory Quilt


What better way to reminisce than snuggled up in a quilt created with your memories?
The king sized memory quilt is its own historical landmark! It is a 108"x108" quilt. The top is a custom design utilizing your t-shirts or other memory clothing with a soft cuddly backing. All quilts have a traditional binding in a soft ultra snuggle flannel. Bring your memories to life in any design you can imagine.
The standard design is a 15" square pattern to fill the space; however, I can utilize the design on your shirts to create a unique design. The shirt number is limited to 50 shirts if creating a standard 15" block front quilt; however, I can work with as many as possible if you have more for the unique pieced front.
*All memory quilts will vary in design due to individual designs, and memory items provided.*
**You are responsible for sending/delivering your memory items to me for construction. I ask that you send items as is. I will handle all cutting and construction!**
***Construction time for a king sized quilt is currently 4+ weeks depending on orders ahead in line. I will inform you at the time of your order when your quilt will/can be completed.***